We are a non-profit adoption agency, licenced to facilitate in the Province of Ontario. We are dedicated to uniting abandoned children, born in Kazakhstan,Romania and Ukraine with loving families in Canada. Each member of our staff embodies high ethical values and feels strongly about the humanitarian aspect of adoption. The Executive Director has many years of experience as a lawyer and a judge. Representatives of our agency travel regularly to the countries we work with, to communicate with our representatives in those countries and meet with children in need of families. Our agency is familiar with: the adoption regulations in the countries where we are working, requirements for orphan visas and adoption finalization, issues of newly adopted children and their families, and with the kinds of medical needs to be expected when children are adopted from orphanages in developing countries. Our Board of Directors and staff include adoptive parents who understand the process and can contribute their invaluable first-hand knowledge of it. Their experience and compassion will be a continued source of guidance and motivation for us.


Every child has the right to be raised in a secure and loving family environment. Unfortunately, for too many children around the world, this is not their reality. CARC - International Adoption is committed to helping these children unite with families that will give them the life that they deserve. We make this commitment, equally, to all children, including those with handicaps. Further, we choose to work with adoption agencies in foreign countries, who actively strive to prevent and reduce the number of abandoned children, in their respective country.


CARC - International Adoption understands that, for most parents, your path leading to international adoption has been a long and difficult one with a multitude of complex emotions. To now embark on a process involving a foreign country can seem complicated and, at times, fatiguing. We are committed to making this journey as stress free as possible for you, by walking you through every step of the adoption process. Our staff is available to talk with families at any point in the process and questions are welcomed. Shared communication and involvement is very important to us. We believe that well-informed applicants will make the best decisions. Throughout the adoption process we will kindly respect your confidentiality and charge reasonable fees for the services we provide.


We are pleased to have a number of families with whom we have taken this adoption journey and who would be happy to talk with you about it. We will happily provide you with names and phone numbers upon request.


  • Adoption coordination of entire process from home study support to finalization of adoption
  • Information and guidance for documentation required by various government authorities throughout adoption process – Provincial, Federal and International
  • Assistance with dossier preparation based on specific country requirements
  • Review of completed home study and dossier
  • Forwarding dossier to appropriate governmental institutions
  • Confer with our Kazakhstanian and Ukrainian agents to review your proposed/selected child with you
  • Coordination and support while abroad, through agencies or agents
  • Assistance with pre- and post-adoption education and support
  • Assistance with travel arrangements and cultural awareness
  • Forwarding of post placement reports to appropriate government institutions
  • Special needs adoptions
  • Contact with other families who have adopted through CARC-International Adoption.


  • Length of time couples must be married: no restrictions for Ukraine or Kazakhstan
  • Singles are welcome to adopt from Romania, as well as previously married couples
  • No restrictions based on the number of children already in the home
  • At least one parent must be a Canadian citizen to make application for Canadian citizen for an adopted child.
  • Landed immigrants are welcome to adopt.
  • Age is flexible but most applicants are between 25 and 75 years of age.
  • Situations are assessed on the best interests of the child.


The process from start of adoption homestudy to home with child will usually take:

  • Kazakhstan = 9-12 months depending when your dossier is sending
  • Ukraine = 6-8 months
  • Romania: Only those applicants born in Romania or only one can submit an application to adopt from Romania.
  • Homestudy visits to submission of homestudy report to agency = two to three months
  • Letter of Approval from Ministry = 4-6 weeks 
  • Notarization and presentation of dossier to foreign country = 3 weeks


  • The prospective adoptive parents are receiving child proposal information before travellng to Kazakhstan
  • Travel to Kazakhstan and complete adoption 6 weeks


  • Permission to travel to Ukraine to select child = 3-4 months
  • Travel to Ukraine, select child, complete adoption = 4-5 weeks

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