Children available for adoption must be registered on a national databank for a period of one year before they may be adopted internationally. Ukraine now requires that all children available for international adoption must be from 5 years and up before becoming eligible for intercountry adoption. Infants and toddler without special needs and who are not part of siblings group will not longer be available for adoption by foreign applicants.

  • All children available for adoption are in orphanages. The children will likely have some delay in their psychomotor development due to lack of adequate and balanced, healthy nutrition.
  • No information on children for adoption will be available to adoptive parents until they are in Ukraine. Information will consist of a report which is a`s complete as possible in covering the birth parents and the children's medical. social, physical and biological condition. The medical will include test results for a range of genetic and contagious conditions (HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis). The child's vaccination record and photos are also included. Prospective parents choose the children they wish to visit and select their child to adopt.
  • For adopting a child from Ukraine, you need to submit an application to the DA with accompanying documents requested.
  • The absence of finances is the most common reason which forces single mothers to give their newborn children for adoption.
  • All the orphanages are normally clean.
  • As a prospective adoptive family you must be a married couple (single parents are not accepted)
  • There is an age requirement in the Ukrainian program - no more than 45 years difference between the adopting parents and the adopted child.
  • There is no limitation for adopting parents on:

    • The time of the marriage; or
    • The number of marriages/divorces; and
    • No specific income criteria.

Special Needs Children

Ukraine offers children under the age of 5 if they have special needs, including, but not limited to:

  • Prematurity
  • Injury to the central nervous system (CNS) and brain
  • Correctable cardiac conditions
  • Orthopedic conditions
  • Prenatal exposure to substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, or other contagious diseases (HIV, Hep B)
  • Potential language and developmental delays
  • Disorders pf psychological development
  • Hearing loss

They are approved to adopt a child/children having diseases, including the list of the Order of the inistry of Health Defense # 973 from December 27, 2011.

Adoption Time Frame

  • To meet a child both prospective parents have to travel to Ukraine to receive a referral from the DA. They must then visit the orphanage/s to establish emotional contact with the child and attend a hearing to finalize the adoption.
  • Before you travel to Ukraine, CARC prepares your dossier in timely manner
  • Most of the adoption cases in Ukraine require 1 trip of approximately 5-6 weeks. A 10 day waiting period after the court date is mandatory.
  • A yearly report on the progress of your adopted child must be given to the Ukraine every year for the first three years. After the age of three a progress report is required once every three years until the age of eighteen.

Everyone on our team is committed to making the process successful and the trip enjoyable, so you can be home as soon as possible.


Our Ukraine program has been one of the most successful programs for Canadian adoptive parents. The total cost, including air tickets, accommodations, travel, and food, is approximately CAD $34,000-$36,000, because of the decline in the American dollar.

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