Please contact us to begin the adoption process. If you live in the Toronto area, you may arrange to meet with us in this location. If you do not live close enough to our offices, you can communicate with us by phone or via e-mail. Our Information Consultant will explain the adoption process in detail and help you decide if our agency is right for you. This initial consultation is free of charge.


Prospective adoptive parent(s) must have a home study to adopt from a foreign country. A home study is an informative report about you, your family life, and your feelings about the adoption process. It is obtained through a series of visits with you at your home by an adoption practitioner. The adoption practitioner must be approved by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) to conduct a homestudy for international adoptions. We encourage our clients to select a licensed adoption practitioner who is familiar with international adoption issues and can provide pre-placement preparation and post-placement support. Contact our agency for a list of approved practitioners near you or visit the MCYS website:


To register with CARC-International Adoption, we ask that you fill out the application form and return it to the Toronto office along with a cheque for $550 made out to “CARC-International Adoption”. All the information you provide in your application is completely confidential. Prior to your homestudy being reviewed by the MCYS, a signed service agreement will be required.


Investigate pre-adoption training seminars in your area. Many Children’s Aid and Adoption Support Groups put on seminars that will have information on the special needs of children who are adopted in Ontario and internationally, and how to find support for those needs. Read magazines for first hand accounts of adoptive parents’ experiences with the adoption process and their adoptive children. Visit informative web sites such as: and


If one prospective adoptive parent is a Canadian citizen, you can apply for a Canadian citizenship for an adoptive child. You must go to the Canadian Citizenship web site to fill out application, and send the application to Sydney, Nova Scotia (fee is $100). If the prospective adoptive parents are landed immigrants, your child will require an immigrant visa to enter Canada. Contact your provincial Immigration Call Center and request the brochure “International Adoption and the Immigration Process” and the “kit for Sponsoring a Family Class Relative. Your home-study does not need to be completed before you apply for sponsorship but you do need to have decided on your child’s country of origin. CIC has a web site with information on all this as well:


Begin by collecting the documents necessary for you to receive Immigration approval and to complete an adoption home study. Keep a Master file of all your original documents and a copy of the original documents, correspondence and expenses.


If you do not have one, you will need to apply for a Canadian passport. Passport applications can be obtained at any Canada Post Office or Passport Office. This should be done near the beginning of the adoption process. A copy will be required to accompany your dossier to the foreign country.


Our program coordinator will provide instructions as to what documents are required, their format, and send you the form letters for certain documents.


Home studies take about 2-3 months to complete. The Ministry of Children and Youth Services will review the home study and issue a Letter of Approval that is valid for 24 months. Immigration/citizenship proceedings required by the Canadian authorities take up to 2 months. If initiated early in the adoption process, the final step - the issuance of a Landed Immigrant Visa by the Canadian Visa office in the foreign country - will take only a few days.


You will be informed as to how prepare, and have notarized, and submit the documents of your foreign dossier to our agency. Your foreign dossier will then be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs-OTTAWA, legalized by the Foreign Consulate, and then sent to the agents that we work with.


KAZAKHSTAN. Once prospective adoptive parents are cleared for adoption in their home state ,and their dossier has been sent, a Letter of Invitation would be issued for them, and the prospective adoptive parents would travel to Kazakhstan, spend 30 days with the child and than initiate the adoption process.

UKRAINE. Once your application to adopt a child has been approved by the Ukraine, you will travel to Ukraine to select your child and initiate the adoption process. You will review information about children available that match your ministry approval (age and sex), wait for the Letter of NO Objection, that go in the court to finalize the adoption. You will be assisted in all of this by our agents in Ukraine.


Our program coordinator will provide instructions as to what documents are required and, as applicable, send you the documents:

KAZAKHSTAN. Once all legal requirements are fulfilled, prospective adoptive parents may submit their adoption application to the civil court. After the court,there is a 15 day waiting period before the decision is final. In some cases, it may be possible for one or both prospective parents to leave Kazakhstan and return for the child. After the court’s decision is final, the parents may apply for the adoption certificate,the child’s new Kazakhstani birth certificate, passport. The child will need a permanent exit visa from the local Migration Police Office where the child resides and also an adopted child must be registered with the MINISTRY OF Foreign Affairs in Astana prior to departing Kazakhstan.

UKRAINE. Your selected child’s information will be reviewed by your adoption practitioner and CARC-International Adoption through fax and email. You will be required to attend a court hearing for decision of the “match” not before to have the approval and obtain the Letter Of No Objection # 2. There will be a 10 day appeal period during which you will be able to visit your child every day,but the child must remain in orphanage until the appeal period is completed. The adoption process is then deemed finalized. The average stay in Ukraine is 5-6 weeks. However, after the court appearance, one or both parents are able to leave and make a second trip.


Adoptive parents are obligated to complete post-adoption reports in accordance with the requirements of the child’s country of origin and our agency. These reports provide information to the authorities in the foreign country regarding the well-being, integration and general physical, psychological and emotional growth of the adopted child. They are essential to the continuation of Intercountry Adoption relations. Again, the adoption practitioner must be approved by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to conduct post-adoption reports for international adoptions. Usually this is the same person who completed your home-study.

KAZAKHSTAN. First 3 years, there are 2 post-adoption reports per year. One post-adoption report every year until the child turns 18.

UKRAINE. This is a yearly report for three years, then one report by 3 years until the child reaches the age of eighteen.
You will be accountable for the post adoption reports to CARC-I.A.


Your adopted child will have Landed Immigrant status/citizenship in Canada and Kazakhstanian or Ukrainian Citizenship.
BUT YOU MUST RETAIN THEIR BORN CITIZENSHIP until they reach 18th birthday and can decide to keep it or not.


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